Murray Hockridge & Dave Kilminster Album PLUS Italtian Tour with Guthrie Govan

Hope you've all been having a wonderful year so far!!! :O)

Sorry it's been a while since my last newsletter... but it's only because I've been SOOOOOOO busy!!! :O))

Murray Hockridge and Dave Kilminster album

Murray and I have been hard at work putting the finishing touches to our album, which should be completed in the next few days... I'm actually really proud of these recordings, and I can't WAIT for everyone to hear them!!!! :O))

We'll post some snippets up soon, as well as details on how to obtain said opus... :O)

Italian Tour with Guthrie Govan

Guthrie and I toured Italy together last year, and we had such an amazing time that we're doing it all again... and soon!!!

April 14th - Messina - Teatro Sala Laudamo
April 15th - Roccaforzata (TA) - Go West Saloon
April 16th - Caserta - Black Cat Club
April 17th - Osteria Nuova (Roma) - Crossroads Live Club
April 18th - San Gavino Monreale (Sardinia) - Teatro Comunale
April 19th - Udine - Black Stuff
April 21st - Pisa - Borderline
April 22nd - Legnano (Milano) - Land of Live
April 23rd - Vignola (MO) - Stones Cafe 
April 24th - Torino - Lapsus

Apologies for the very late notice, but the word 'alacrity' doesn't feature very highly in the Italian vocabulary!!! ;O))

Joining us for these dates is the wonderful Pete Riley (drums) and fabulous Seth Govan (bass), so come long for some more guitar craziness!!! :O))

Dave K Interview

And speaking of Italy, I've just completed an interview with my friend Cristiano for an Italian music site called

I'm not sure when it'll be up there, but we'll post the link as soon as we get it... :O)

Scarlet - The Directors Cut

I can't remember if I've mentioned this in previous newletters, but I've also been remixing my solo album 'Scarlet' recently... which is sounding amazing!!!

My good friend Jamie Humphries has been lending his expertise to the project, and we've added a few extra guitars and vocal harmonies which have just transformed the whole project!!! 

It's now so good in fact, that we're looking to release it properly!!!!! Stay tuned...

And there is one final thing for later in the year that I'd dearly LOVE to mention... but I can't!!!! Sorry...

Rest assured that I'll tell you all about it in the next instalment though!!!!

Take care out there people... and have a wonderful Easter...

Dave x


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